Earnings Disclaimer

Compensation Disclosure

Don’t buy any products or services on the internet without first investigating them thoroughly. Don’t take recommendations at face value, and that includes products or services sold on this website and all other websites.


Material Connection

You should always assume that when a product or service is referred to or recommended that is because there is a material connection between the providers of the product or service and the owner of the website. If this is not the case then it will normally be clearly stated, but you should not assume that this will always happen.


Good Faith Recommendations

The website owners will only recommend products and services if they feel in all good faith that the purchase or supply of such products and services will be of help to the person who obtains them. The owner believes in all good faith that the products and services recommended will be of help either because they have tried the products and services themselves or they have knowledge of the supplier’s history. Any recommendations made are based on honest opinions because of known facts at the time the product or service is mentioned on the website.


When  testimonials appears on this site the owner will have done everything possible to verify them. They should be based on the expectations of the average user based on available information at the time they are published. We certainly don’t allow any kind of exaggeration to be published about user results, and enquiries will always have been made to confirm their authenticity. If a claim sounds false or untrue then the owners regard it as false and do not publish it on this website.

Where we have published extracts from other forum posts or reviewers, or other user comments then you must make no assumptions that these results are verifiable. As a user you must do your own diligent research before making a purchase displayed on this website.

For your protection if claims about our own products are untrue then all such products are provided with a 100% money back guarantee. The supply of products from a third party may not, and you must do your own diligence before making a purchase to ensure you are protected.

Our goal is for 100% honesty all the time. If at any time you find something on the website you don’t agree with please contact us immediately and we will investigate it. We reserve the right to withdraw advertisements of any product or service that falls short of the high levels we expect without warning. Integrity and total honesty are the most important things to us all of the time.


Potential Bias and Due Diligence

Our opinion about a product or service may be influenced by the fact that we as the owners are likely to receive financial benefit from that product or service from the owner.  In other words there is therefore a material connection between us and the provider. There will be occasions when we will not receive financial reward for products or services featured on the website. You must assume however that there is a material relationship between ourselves and the supplier of the products and services, because we have received or will probably receive something of monetary value from the supplier. It is important that you perform your own detailed examination before you purchase any product or service mentioned on the website.



The owners are likely to receive financial compensation when you buy a product or purchase a service on this site by clicking the affiliate link displayed


Questions Regarding Any Purchases

We aim to provide the best products and services available. If you have any questions about your purchases please contact us immediately and we’ll do our best to answer them or rectify any problems you might have.


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